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"TWIN STOP" (TS) System or "FAT" System

We are pleased to annouce that you now have more choices when ordering your dual control kit. The unit that we originally designed and continue to manufacture: The "TWIN STOP" Instructor's Brake (shown on the left) or the product that we are now importing from Europe: "FAT" Dual Controls (shown on the right).

Below you will find a general comparison between the two systems. Please use the links to go to their respective web pages.

Fat Instructor Brake
Fat Instructor Brake
Driving Instructors Brake
Presidents note:

Since we first started marketing Cable Operated Dual Control “Kits” we have been asked the question: Will this Instructor’s Brake fit my vehicle?

To the best of our knowledge, either system will fit your vehicle. Some installations will be easy; other installations will be very difficult to the point where the installer may be tempted to give up. The key word here is “kit”: The products that we offer, along with our competitor’s products, are “kits” that need to be adapted to their particular application. It is not a straight bolt in car part that is specifically designed for your vehicle.

Within our website we try to provide you with all the information you need in order to determine how the unit will fit into your particular application. This includes numerous pictures and dimension information.

Which unit will fit your vehicle better?
Chances are the TS kit will fit better since it is a more compact design. You may want to consider how the cable will be routed over to the driver’s side and what would be the better cable exit position for the main unit. On the Fat kit, it is low and on the TS kit it is up higher: Go to the kits' respective dimension pages in order to find this information.
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Instructor Brake
Driving Instructors Brake
The "FAT" System
  • Cost Efficient Brake Only Option
  • Accelerator Pedal: Automatic Transmission With Accelerator Pedal Option
  • Manual Transmission: Clutch, Brake, Accelerator Pedal Option
  • Heavy Duty Steel Construction
  • Heavy Duty 1/8 Inch Diameter Stainless Steel Cables Used On Clutch And Brake Pedals
  • Nylon Ball Bearing Pulleys
  • Long Cables And Housings Available For Use On Trucks And Other Large Vehicles
The "TWIN STOP" (TS) Instructor's Brake
  • Low Profile Design: Provides For A Factory Original Looking Installation In Today’s Downsized Cars
  • Long Pivot To Pedal Length For User-Friendly Operation
  • Main Frame Components Are Made From Non-Corrosive Aluminum Or Stainless Steel
  • Easy Smooth Operating Pedal Provided By The Use Of A Small Diameter, 480 Pound Break Strength Cable
  • Long Cables And Housings Available For Use On Large Vehicles
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