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Presidents Note:

This mirror was not originally designed for use by a driving instructor sitting on the passenger side of the car.

Originally, I was considering another product that could be mounted onto the outside right mirror. I obtained a sample, tried it on the passenger side and found that it couldn’t be adjusted far enough out to the right.

I thought that this was strange. The sample mirror was symmetrical; so why did it work mounted on the driver’s side looking from the driver’s seat but did not work mounted on the passenger's side looking from the passenger's seat? What I found was this: The mirror housing on one side of a vehicle may look exactly the same as the one on the other, however, they have one fundamental difference. They are built at different angles in order to incorporate the driver's vantage point.

This first sample product that I obtained did not have enough adjustment to be viable as a driving instructor’s mirror. However, later I came across this product that had a substantial degree of adjustment to it. This mirror (our item # MR33) is shown in the picture on your right installed on a 2009 Hyundai Accent. The glass has been adjusted all the way to the right, a slightly more rightward adjustment may be desired but the mirror is fully functional for a driving instructor.

Driver Training Mirror
Driver Training Mirror

Driver Training Mirror
Mirror Contents

The picture on the right shows a disassembled view of your MR33 mirror along with everything that comes with it (installation instructions not shown).
  1. Mirror Glass Assembly
  2. Mirror Body
  3. Phillips head screw for attaching the Mirror Glass Assembly to the Mirror Body
  4. 3 Rubber mounting strips
  5. 2 C Clamps with bolts
  6. Wrench
MR33 Dimension Information
Driver Training Mirror
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