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A Mirror On Your Left

A Mirror On Your Right

On Your Right: Outside Mirror: Item #: MR33
Rear View Mirror
On Your Left: Mounted On The Windshield With Adhesive: Item #: MR44
item 44 Rear View Mirror

Please Note: Although the pictures look similar, Items MR22 and MR44 are different mirrors made by two different manufactures.

On Your Left: Mounted On The Windshield With A Suction Cup: Item #: MR22
Rear View Mirror

It's your choice: Suction cup type mirrors are easily transferable to another vehicle however they can be expected to occasionally fall off the windshield. If you want to have a mirror that will always be attached to the windshield you will want to go with the adhesive type, item # MR44.

An Eye Check Mirror To See Your Student

Or alternatively use this mirror as a small size rear view mirror.

Item #: MR11
Eye Check Mirror
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