Welcome Driving School Owners and Driver Education Teachers:
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We are a driver education supply company exclusively dedicated to providing in-car driving school resources. The success of our original product the "TWIN STOP" Instructor’s Brake leads us to the marketing of mirrors and a line of Dual Controls from Europe: the "FAT" system.

Our Dual Brake Logo Our "TWIN STOP" Instructor’s Brake is the most compact and universal system that you will find on the market today. This unit can be installed high on the firewall and out of the way except for the removable pedal protruding down. It uses a high strength, very flexible, small diameter (half the size of previous models) cable that allows for a smooth operating instructor's brake. Driving Instructor’s take pride in their cars: this Dual Control was designed for a good-looking installation that results in a Passenger Side Brake that looks factory original.

Our Dual Brake Logo In order to provide for a need to have a unit with an accelerator pedal, we are now pleased to offer you the “FAT” Dual Control system. This product has been available in Europe since 1975. These units are also available for manual transmission, clutch, brake, accelerator, or as an economically priced brake only unit.

Our Dual Brake Logo Complementing our dual controls are three Driving Instructor's Mirrors: One to look behind you to the left, one to look behind you to the right and an eye check mirror to view the student. They are an appropriate size that will not become overly obstructive in your average smaller car. The two interior mirrors use flat glass to give you the real view with a correct perception of distance.

Our Dual Brake Logo We hope you like our web site. What we try to do is create a store that you can go into, look and browse. We give you all the information that you would want about our products and give you the opportunity to view many pictures. This way, you know what you're getting before the courier comes and delivers your box.

Presidents message:

Welcome fellow Driving Instructors. OK; it’s been a while since I have actually taught professionally, Driver Education Dual Controls have kept me busy.

Our Dual Brake Logo John Brouwer
-- President --
Brouwer Manufacturing Ltd.

Back in 1992, with my education in mechanical engineering and a belief that there had to be better system than the present dual controls being offered to driving instructors; I went about the task of designing a new system. Many of you are probably now already familiar with our Instructor’s brake; we have many units out there from Guam to Halifax and continental USA and Canada in between.

We also offer a line of mirrors. As a former instructor, I know what you want. When I started working as an instructor, I was taught to use the cars existing right outside mirror for my self. You will note that we offer a mirror to mount outside so that the existing mirror is freed up for the driving student. I feel that this is an important added mirror to round off a complete line of Instructor's mirrors.

I look forward to helping you prepare your driving instruction vehicle.

Sincerely: John Brouwer

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