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"TWIN STOP" (TS) Dimensions

Some dimensions (given in inches) are given in the drawings shown below. This may be of help in determining how the Driving Instructor's Brake Kit will fit into your application.

Cable and Housing Dimensions and Information

Dimension Picture
Dimension Picture
The Red dimensions shown above represent the cable housing exit position.

Cable Housing Routing

  • The path will need to be "reasonably" straight.
  • The "Passenger Side Hinge" needs to be able to rotate freely through a 15 degree arc. The cable housing should not be inhibiting a force on the hinge thus prohibiting this arcing: This would be the case if the housing has to undergo a bend immediately after exiting the dual brake. If no alternate route is possible see the web page The Dual Control Work Shop entry #1 for a solution.
The drawings to the right and below depict the driver's side parts.
Dimension Picture
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