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We are a driver education supply company exclusively dedicated to providing in-car driving school resources. Our company was founded on the development, manufacturing, and marketing of a Cable type Instructor’s Brake Kit named the Twin Stop, TS. Today we also import and market another cable type system, FAT, which includes an accelerator pedal option, as well as a line of Driving Instructor’s Mirrors.

 Pictures of Driver Education Supplies and Instructor’s Brakes

The major part of our business is providing Instructor’s Brake "Kits". We like to emphasize the word "Kits" because what we supply is not a ready-to-go driver education vehicle, but in reality, is a box of hardware. Some of us find great joy in a box of hardware; and others, “not so much”. If you fall in the “not so much” category, we apologize, as you may not find the dual control section of our web site to be of much help. If this is the case, your first step is finding someone that can do a vehicle modification job for you.

Here are some ideas to help you find someone that can do your vehicle modification job:

Presidents note:

Although the marketing of dual control kits is geared to mechanically-minded people, we have a uniform pricing policy. Regardless if you are an installation shop, driving school owner or an individual driving instructor, you will be paying the same price for our products.

Presidents message:

It all started in my early twenties with the building of a custom vehicle, which led to studying mechanical engineering. A love for cars put me to work as a Driving Instructor. This in return, led me to the realization that driving instructors need a passenger side brake pedal. This can present a challenge for many Driving Instructors, however with my background, I had found an endeavor to pursue.

I hope that you find our web site to be informative and of assistance in providing your driving instructors vehicle.

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Sincerely: John Brouwer, President, Brouwer Manufacturing Ltd.

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